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Mobility Scooters and
Power Chairs

AMS offers a wide range of mobility scooters and wheelchairs, with unbeatable warranties by Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility. Our stores offer most models, charged up and ready for you to try to see which one fits you.
Our staff will help you determine which style of mobility chair is best, that will fulfill your needs and to accommodate within your living space. Power wheelchairs are best in tight spaces, such as older homes that have narrow hallways and doors. With the easy-to-use toggle control, you can turn on a dime and get anywhere you need to go.
Scooters come in either three-wheeled or four-wheeled versions and steer just like a bicycle. Great for indoor/outdoor use as the heavy-duty models can accommodate these tough Texas terrains. You can accessorize your scooter with an oxygen tank holder, cane holder or even a cover to keep it dust-free. Let our in-store mobility experts help you choose the right mobility device for you. 


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