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Arlington Medical Supply has partnered with Golden Technologies and Pride Mobility to be able to offer you the most stylish, comfortable and reliable power lift recliners available in the marketplace. Our Golden and Pride chairs are made right here in the USA with warranties that exceed most other companies. Buying from Arlington Medical Supply also gives you peace-of-mind that you will always have someone local, that is trained to troubleshoot or fix your chair if the need arises. Golden and Pride chairs come in a wide variety of colors that are sure to match your home’s décor. With a large selection of scotch-guarded fabrics or the smooth comfort of Brisa, you are bound to find the right chair for you. Let our in-store experts assist you with the proper fitting and technology needs that each Golden or Pride chair offers. Our lift chair selection allows you to sit in and experience the wonders a lift chair can do in your life. From the simple 3-position chairs up through the ultra-luxurious Twilight infinity position chairs, we’re sure to have something to match your needs. Come by or call us to schedule an exclusive appointment to try out our wide array of lift chairs.

More Chairs Coming Soon!


Pride PLR-975L $1,599

Pride PLR975L Gray.jpeg

Pride PLR-3955 LT $1,999

Image (45).jpeg

Pride PLR-4955S $2,499

Pride PLR4955S.jpeg

Pride LC358XL $2,099

Pride LC358XXL.jpeg

Pride PLR-3955PW $1,999

Pride PLR3955PW Gray.jpeg

Pride PLR-925M $1,499

Pride PLR925M Brown.jpeg

Pride LC-250 $1,199

Pride LC250 Tan.jpeg

Pride PLR-965M $1,499

Pride PLR965M Brown.jpeg

Pride PLR-935LT $1,699

Pride PLR935LT Gray.jpeg

Pride PLR-3955M $1,999

Pride PLR3955M.jpeg

Pride LC-358XXL $2,099

Pride LC358XXL.jpeg

Pride PLR-4955L $2,599

Pride PLR4955L Brown.jpeg

Pride PLR-4955S $2,499

Pride PLR3955S Brown.jpeg

Pride PLR-965M $1,499

Pride PLR965M Gray.jpeg

Pride LC-358L $1,299

LC358L Brown.jpeg

Pride LC-105 $999

Pride LC105 Blue.jpeg

Vive with Heat $799

Vive Lift Chair Value Gray.jpeg

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