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We have a great selection of medical equipment, including mobility solutions, available to rent for both short and long term periods. Call us now for a free quote 817-472-5555.

Rental Equipment

Our range of medical
equipment include:


  • Wheelchairs $20 day / $50 week

  • Transport Chairs $10 day / $30 week

  • Knee Scooters $10 day / $35 week

  • Lift Chairs $50 day / $100 week. $75 delivery.

  • Power Scooters $50 day / $140 week

  • Contact Us Here

Broken Equipment?

We Repair:

  • Wheelchairs

  • Transport Chairs

  • Knee Scooters

  • Lift Chairs

  • Power Scooters

  • Rollators

  • And More!

Arlington Medical Supply provides a wide variety of medical equipment to rent from knee scooters and power scooters to power lift recliners and wheelchairs. No matter what you’re looking for, we’re certain we can help you find the right medical equipment to rent for your specific needs and budget. 
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